Armadillo Extermination


Armadillos are the mammals of cingulata order belonging to the Dasypodidae and chlamyphoridae families. Armadillo is found in some of the regions of the world including the native America where they are present with the highest percentage as compared to any other area. There are a total of twenty-one extant species of Armadillo present all around the globe. Armadillos are commonly known for their feature of possessing an armor shell. Like turtles, these Armadillos hide inside their shells when they feel like any predator or hunter coming towards them, they use their shell for safety purposes. Moreover, they have sharp claws that help them dig down the ground quite professionally and they can also run with relatively fast speed to catch their prey or to escape from their predators. A baby Armadillo will be generally around five inches and the maximum size to which this Armadillo can grow could be fifty-nine inches. Armadillos are omnivores and their diet mostly includes insects, bugs, fruits, vegetables, carrion meals, plants and several small animals. They prefer to live in warm climates, the feature of low metabolism they possess, makes it very difficult for them to survive in cold weather. They dig their roosting deep below the grounds to stay warm even in cold temperatures; moreover, they use their shells to hide in order to stay safe from cold.

Exterminating the Armadillo

Literal meaning of extermination is to kill something, and Armadillo exterminator will be referred to as the person who kills this animal. But in order to get rid of them, killing is not the only option. As they do not attack humans with any intention of doing so, they might do it in response to being threatened or some other sort of disturbance. No doubt they could cause several damages to your property by digging holes in it by littering their wastes ala around it and by spreading normal diseases that most of the animals carry. But killing them should be still the last option to solve this problem.

Other than killing, in order to remove those from your property, several other effective ways could be utilized such as;

Traps and baits

Installation of traps and baits at your place could be an effective way of catching the Armadillo in the trap. Here the only thing to be done properly is to place baits that will attract the armadillos and the placement of traps at the right place.

Deterrents or repellents

Several deterrents or repellents that will be effective in keeping the Armadillo away from your place would include the mothballs, the odor of the urine of Armadillo's predators and strong motion lights.

Wildlife professional exterminator

When it gets out of your hands to get rid of this animal, you should approach any nearest exterminator to receive their services. They have special experiences in exterminating several animals so they will do it more effectively for you. 

Final thoughts

Armadillos could approach your houses in search of their roosting or foods and cause several damages. But they never provide any direct harm to humans by attacking them. Extermination of them could be done following earlier discussed methods and none of them turns out to produce good results then the use of specific poisons to get rid of armadillos could be used.

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